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Welcome to Laser Eye

Welcome to the website of Laser Eye, the first for monitoring vibrations and the alignment in one product aivailable worldwide!

Laser Eye is used in:

  • off-shore on oil drilling platforms (piping or drill monitoring)

  • windmills (monitoring generators)

  • ships (monitoring engines)

  • industrial enviroments (production halls etc).

Everything that needs to maintain a certain critical position can be monitored with Laser Eye.

Laser Eye is an innovative new product for online or on-site monitoring the alignment and vibrations. Laser Eye is the only aivailable product that offers these functions for under $ 8.000,- with a position resolution of 1 micron (or 0,001mm)!

With Laser Eye you are able to monitor the actual alignment and vibrations. You can watch the actual movement on your machines or pipes because of thermal growth, pressure or when a machine is mounted on rubbers. Because of this you can get the most efficient speed, pressure etc. Since a displacement can shorten the lifetime of equipment and cause permanent damage, Laser Eye is needed in every enviroment. The vibration data is translated to the cause of vibration: bearing damage, displacement, looseness or unbalance.

Besides the live data you can also plan your maintenance better. No more unneeded alignment checks, bearing checks, vibration checks etc. This will help you save costs and prevent damage. There are different modules aivailable for every industry, starting at $ 4.000,- you can find them here.

We offer OEM service as well. We will integrate the needed system in your own monitoring system. Everything is possible, you can set extra alarms or a shut down at exceeding tolerances. Please contact us for more information or a special offer.